Experts: Danish authorities overlook the extreme right



The fight against right-wing extremism in Denmark is overlooked because politicians and authorities are constantly talking about Islamic extremism.

By Ritzau / Radio24syv – 08 / 08-16

A number of researchers and professionals with insight into extremism to Radio 24syv after a summer in which Europe has been hit by militant extremist terror, but also the Labour politician Jo Cox was murdered by a man with neo-Nazi connections as well as where nine people in M√ľnchen -Germany lost their lives at the hands of a Anders Breivik-inspired 18-year-old man.

- I think the authorities overlook the extreme right, and the phenomenon of Islamist extremism is exaggerated and overstated the threat, says Associate Professor at the University of Southern Kirstine Sinclair, who has researched Islamism.

Same notes sound from social-anthropologist Tina Wilchen Christensen, who has researched radicalization.

( The Swastika photo caption say; Denmark for Danes)