Prominent Danish organisations warn : Do not vote for Morton Messerschmidt


By Anders Bæksgaard

May 18, 2014 – Belingske

Danish People’s Party’s success in the European elections is likely to cripple the Danish influence in the EU. That is the warning from a range of socio-professional organizations. It is a highly unusual direct warning against voting for the Danish Peoples Party.

While the Danish People’s Party plough through in the polls ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections , there is a growing concern among both employers and employees for a minimum Danish influence in the EU.

The party’s top candidate, Morten Messerschmidt , stand to receive more than one in four votes , and that has forced a number of socio-professional organizations to form a united front to warn the public against voting for Danish People’s Party.

A vote for Messerschmidt and Danish People’s Party will cost Danish influence and make it harder to protect and Danish interests in Brussels, is the warning from the organizations. They encourage Danes to vote for ” the constructive parties ‘.

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