EU TV debates in Denmark


For the past few days, I have been watching various TV debates among candidates for the European Parliament elections giving their opinions on diverse subjects, right from, free movement of labor, goods and services, social dumping, foreign energy supplies, financial health of EU, legislative powers of the Parliament and every thing else between heaven and earth.

Although many Danish politicians and journalists have a localized and nationalist perspective on issues, their use of ill-considered language is often horrendous and leaves a lot to be desired. I do not know if it is because of arrogance or ignorance but it is pathetic.

Let me give you two recent examples;

On 20th May 2014, there was a long late evening program: EU Election on DR2, with Jens Olaf Jersild. Many politicians and Danish Foreign Minster were discussing EU dependence on foreign oil and gas. The Minster and all the candidates from ultra right wing Danish Peoples Party to anti-EU Peoples Movement were using phrases like; we need to create alternative European sources of energy to be free from Oil Sheiks and Putin’s gas.

Collectively, EU member states are the world’s largest energy importer, importing about 55% of their energy supply—approximately 84% of their oil and 64% of their natural gas. EU imports oil from various sources such Saudi Arabia, UAE, Libya, Nigeria, Brazil, Iraq and many other countries. Most countries on this list have nothing to do with Oil Sheiks. Gas from Russia is not owned by President Putin but by the Russian State.

Then there was a news item on 20th May on TV2 News with Lotte Mejlhede

, where she were talking about the increasing success of anti-EU and far right parties and the possibilities of their great advance in the coming EU Parliament election. While talking about Front National in France, she said; “It is going to capture 27% votes but people still are skeptical of its history and the anti-Semitic and homophobic statements of its founder Jean- Marie Le Pen”.

Why did she totally ignored the fact that most of Jean- Marie Le Pen’s racist statements were directed towards Islam, Muslims and Arabs is anybody’s guess?


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