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2014-05-12 10.05.17

Dear friends

Last week, I interviewed two very interesting and knowledgeable persons for my TV program; Bashy’s Corner. They both talk about Denmark, its national crisis, discrimination and lack of accept for ethnic and religious minorities.

First guest is Mrutyuanjai Mishra – a Human Rights expert, politician, commentator at Politiken Newspaper.

We talked about the issue of freedom of speech, respect for human rights of minorities, his own journey – from being an opponent of integration, a supporter of DF and SD and a rightwing intellectual to become a humanist and defender of minority rights. He explained the reasons for this change of heart and mind and why he thinks, that Denmark will be a good place to live and work if it respects and accepts minorities?

The second guest was Lene Andersen- a philosopher, author and economist. Her two recent books; Danmark 2030 and Globalt Gearskift are worth reading because she is on to something important about Danish society.

We discussed, how she sees Denmark in the future and if Danes are mentally ready for inter-cultural society and how we can change the paradigm from Them and Us to only US or We?

I am sure that commentators, especially those who are anti-minorities, would have plenty to ponder about after watching these two interviews.

Here are the links:

Mrutyuanjai Mishra.,1280,640×360,001100

Lene Andersen,1292,640×360,001100

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